Khao Sok National Park

Khao Sok is between the two coasts of South-Thailand, 40 Km east form Takua Pa and 109 Km west from Surat Thani.

From either way You come, just tell the driver "Khao Sok", and they let You off at the Km 109 marker, where we will waiting for You...
     is located on the mountain ridge which separates the east and west coasts of the Thai peninsula. It consists of rugged mountains of mudstone and slitstone, averaging 300-600 m above sea level. Limestone karst outcrops are scatted across this rough terrain especially in the region of the lake. Towering over the surrounding forest these rise to 960 m at the highest point in the park. Soils are a mixture of mudstone, sandstone, and marble and are very acidic. The soil good at retaining water but is very fragile and would be easily destroyed by erosion if the forrest cover were to be lost. Khao Sok receives monsoons from both the west, across from the indian Ocean and the Andaman Sea, and from the east, from the Gulf of Thailand. The rains fall between April and December, but the heaviest rains fall from May to November. The best time to visit the park is December to April.