Khao Sok Evergreen House

is located in Khao Sok National Park, in Thailand's largest untouched Tropcial Rain Forest.The Resort

is owned by a kind, native family with many years of experience in hospitality.They Offer

their Thai style wooden bungallows for rent, adventure tours with responsible tourguides, various Thai and European foods in the restaurant, laundry service and a quiet, unbelievable atmosphere of the rain forest with the sounds of many animals in the jungle...

Our Bunggalows are big enough to stay comfortable for two people, or even a little family.

To have a fully natural atmosphere inside the rooms also, we took care to make all the bungallows only from selected fine woods, no cement has been used, fluoresccent lights has not been placed but ambient lamps overhelming the nightime. All rooms have toilet, shower, fan, towel, ect

The balcony and the windows are giving the real jungle seenery, letting inside the sounds of the gibbons and rare animals day and night.